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Phoenix Scholarship

We would like to announce the introduction of the Phoenix Scholarship for KIS students established by the Phoenix Store in conjunction with the KISPTO. The 2012-2013 recipients will be announced in May by the School Principals.

Phoenix Scholarship

Store will be closed on Wed. May 8.

Phoenix Store will be closed on Wed. May 8 and will reopen on Friday, May 10.

May 15 (Wed.) is the last day of store for this semester.

Phoenix Store will be closed from May 16 and will reopen on Monday, August 12, 2013.  May 15 is the last day for this semester.

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For questions and more information, please contact us by :

email :

phone : 031-789-0642


We are always looking for parents to help with the store.  The store is currently operated by parent volunteers as follows.

Mondays – Middle School Parents

Wednesdays – Elementary School Parents

Fridays – High School Parents

Contact us if you can donate your time and energy.