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KIS Session: Easing the Transition for Third/Cross Culture Students

Hello Wonderful KIS Parents, 

Starting next week Ms. Becki Majors and Ms. Klara Jaeger will be offering sessions on Easing the Transition for Third/Cross Culture Students. With the end of the academic year in sight, some of our families are planning for upcoming moves and changes. All KIS students are affected, whether it is their family that is moving or that of a friend. Find out what sets our Third Culture and Cross Culture students apart, and how we can support their transition. We hope to see you at one of the 4 sessions listed below and all KIS parents are welcome. 

These sessions are for all parents and teachers. However please note that there will be a special transition session designed and tailored specifically for our seniors. The senior transition session will be offered by the High School counseling office and they will be sending information soon.

Easing the Transition for Third/Cross Culture Students

March 5-15, The Center, M301

3/5 Monday 8:05-8:46
3/7 Wednesday 12:15-12:55
3/13 Tuesday 8:05-8:46
3/15 Thursday  12:15-12:55

Tara Verenna

Director of Teaching and Learning

HS/MS Musical: The Beaty and the Beast


Hello KIS Parents,

Attached is the Beauty in the Beast poster for this year’s MS/HS Spring Musical. The show dates are April 19, 20 and 21st (2 shows on Saturday). Please read the poster for show times and ticket prices.

Thank you so much for your help and we hope to see you there!

Lauren Cuellar
HS Theatre Director

KIS Admissions Open House2018

Registration for Admissions Open House is now OPEN! Please click the link below to access the registration link.


Transportation service is also available for KIS Open House.
Please check the link below for the map and bus registration for the service.


2018 MIT Winter Workshop

Registration for the 2018 MIT Winter Workshop is now open!

The workshop is free of charge for KIS students and will be hosted at KIS from January 2nd to 6th.
Space is limited, and applications are due before 8:00 AM on Wednesday, November 22.

Bus Service is available at following stops:
Sunae Station -> Jungja Station -> KIS

MS 2018 Battle of Books Bundle Order

[How to Order Book Bundle]

2018 Book Bundle: four books, tote bag, a free gift with KIS Logo, bookmarks, instructions

* On-line Order: Go to
* To order by Kakao Talk: Please add ‘whatthebook’ as your friend and send us text(1:1 chat).
* To order by phone: Call to 797-2342. Then you place your battle bundle order withStudent’s full English name / grade / KIS ID number.
* To order by email: Email to to place your battle bundle order.Please write Student’s full English name / grade / KIS ID number.

* Notice
1. Battle Bundles – Free gifts with purchase while supplies lasts.
2. No Refunds
3. Free shipping on 2018 Battle of the Books bundle/set
4. Single books ordered for the battle outside of the bundle must be shipped to the student’s home (NO EXCEPTIONS).
5. Titles releasing Date: Title release date: On or before Monday, December 4, 2017. Date to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Visit the Secondary Library Website to see more information about the 2018 Battle of Books at


[2018 배틀번들 주문방법] 

배틀번들구성: 책4권, 토트백, KIS로고디자인선물, 책갈피, 베틀오브북스 활동설명서

* 카카오톡 주문: 
‘whatthebook’  을 친구로 등록한다음 문자로 주문(1:1 chat).
*전화주문: 797-2342로 전화주셔서 학생영어이름전체/ 학년/KIS ID 번호를말씀해주십시오.
help@whatthebook.com으로 학생영어 이름전체/ 학년/KIS ID 번호를 보내주십시오.

* 알림
1.  배틀번들 – 선물은준비된수량소진시까지제공됩니다.
2.  환불은불가합니다
3.  2018 배틀번들주문에 한해 무료로 배송됩니다
4. 개별도서 주문시 자택으로 배송됩니다.(예외없음)
5. 책제목 공개일: 2017년 12월4일 월요일 이전 혹은 당일, 최대한 신속히공개하겠습니다.

2018 배틀오브북스 에 관해서 궁금하신 점은 학교 도서관  웹사이트를 참조하시기 바랍니다.