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HS Introduction

Greetings from 2017-18 HS PTO!

Dear parents,

I’d like to welcome you to the KIS PTO of 2017-2018. This organization has been thriving well each year thanks to our parents’ active participation and dedication inside the school and beyond. This year again, all board members will serve to support in various areas such as sports, drama, music, art show and so on. At the same time, HS PTO will continue to work with school staff to make a better academic environment for all of our students. All this work could not be complete without your full support so I’d kindly encourage you to get involved as either PTO board or volunteers and help the school move forward successfully.

I am looking forward to another fabulous year with all of you.

Best regards,

Grace Lim

HS PTO representative

2017-2018 HS PTO Board Members are as follows;

  • President: Grace Lim (9&11)
  • Vice President: Hyeyoung Choi (11)
  • Secretary /Treasurer: Yeongmi Kim (11)
  • Academic Coordinator: Mi Young Hwang Cho (11)
  • IT: Tammie Ahn (12)
  • Grade Representatives: Miyun Jung (9)
  • Sports Coordinator: Jieun Lee (10), Jihye Kim (11), Jeoung eun Choi (10)
  • Lunch Committee : Sung Youn Cho (9)

Welcome to the HS PTO 2016-2017

Dear KIS high school families,

Welcome back to school year of 2016-2017. The KIS High School Parent Teacher Organization (HSPTO) has the mission to enhance the KIS community and to support high school students, teachers, and parents. HSPTO is an organization to support annual school activities such as Back to School Night, athletic tournaments, Parent & Teacher Conference and Teachers & Staff Appreciation Luncheon etc. by parent volunteers.

Members of HSPTO will serve in an advisory function to the school administration and provide valuable input into educational programs for our students and school.

HSPTO has been reorganized the team divided into Academic Development and Event Support because there are more academic suggestions from HS parents. HSPTO wants to dedicate to realistic and sustainable development within the acceptable school system. HSPTO would like to make a good balance between school and parents for our students.

We would like to encourage all families to join and enjoy the chances making parent involvement into various special school events watching students’ development.

HSPTO General Meeting will be held at 11:00 am on the first Tuesday of each month starting September 6th, 2016. HSPTO General Meeting schedule will be posted at PTO website, and any parent is welcome to join.

Thank you. We are looking forward to meeting all HS parents in PTO meeting soon.


2016-2017 HS PTO Board Members are as follows;

  • President: Park, Wonkyong(11)
  • Vice President (Academic): Kim, Younghwa(11)
  • Vice President(Event): Kwon, Jeongah(10)
  • Secretary (Academic): Han, Nara(10)
  • Secretary(Event): Shin, Soonchul(10), Jeon, Sunhye(11)
  • Treasurer: Kim, Bokhee(11)
  • IT: Tammie Ahn (11)
  • Grade Representatives: Kim, Eunjung(12), Jeon, Sunhye(11), Han, Nara(10)
  • Sports: Han, Minjeong(10), Jeong, Jinyoung(10), An, Heeyeon(10)
  • Red Cross Youth: Chin, Sanghi(11)
  • Peace Tree: Lee, Haeyoung(12)

Welcome to the HS 2015-2016 School Year

Dear KIS high school families, 

I’m excited and honored to serve you as the PTO President for this class year.  A new year brings new opportunities and challenges for all of us. The bright-eyed freshmen class with big dreams will be looking forward to start their high school journey on a path of success. The all grown senior class will be preparing to make perhaps one of most important decisions in their lives-the college selection. As for the sophomores and juniors, a time to strengthen friendships with others at KIS and continue to learn from our fabulous faculty. Wherever a student may be at KIS, the PTO will do all that we can to enhance our students’ experience at KIS and to bridge the needs of our students, parents and teachers. We look forward to working with all of you as we all strive to make KIS even better. Thank you.


     2015-2016 HS PTO Board Members are as follows;

  • President: Hyera Chang (12)
  • Vice President: Ahyoung Jung (9)
  • Secretary: Hyejune Yoon (11) / Heeyoo Yoon (10)
  • Treasurer: Ji Heun Nam (9)
  • IT (Homepage/Newsletter Committee): Jiyon Park (10)
  • Grade Representatives: Hyera Chang (12), Hyejune Yoon (11), Soojung Jang (10), Grace Lim (9)
  • Sport Coordinator: Mijeong Kim (10) / Inhea Paik (10/12)

* Welcome to the HS 2014-2015 School Year

Dear KIS high school families, 

I am honored to serve you as President of the Parent Teacher Organization this year.  Leaving behind a blazing summer, a long awaited new semester has finally commenced. We warmly welcome all freshmen and newcomers.  I am certain that the coming ’14-’15 school year will be filled with happiness and achievement, just as all previous years.  Under the supervision of our stellar teachers, the efforts of our freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors will definitely fruit.  The PTO will constantly strive to do all in its power for the cooperation of our students and our teachers. We welcome all suggestions and ideas; please do not hesitate to contact any one of us. Our door is always open.


        2014-2015 HS PTO Board Members are as follows;

  • President: Kelly Kim (Grade 10)
  • Vice President: Ji Eun Lee (Grade 9)
  • Secretary: Yuni Mun (Grade 10)
  • Treasurer: Mikyung Kim (Grade 10)
  • Grade Representatives : Mina Park (9th), Ju Young Kim (10th), Eunchong Chin/Hyera Chang (11th)
  • Sport Coordinator: Ji Yeon Kim (10th)/ Haeyoung Lee (10th)
  • IT (Homepage/Newsletter Committee): Jiyon Park (Grade 9)
  • Phoenix Store:
  • Community Service-Peace Tree
  • Community Service-RCY


Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year

The KIS High School PTO welcomes you, and we especially welcome the freshmen transitioning to high school and all new students this year!

The HS PTO board members strive to fulfill our mission to enhance our KIS community by supporting students, faculty and parents. All KIS parents are PTO members. The depth of involvement is varying, however, by participating and supporting PTO meetings and events, you can share the experience of your child’s growth at school.

Regular PTO meetings will be at 11:00am on the first Tuesday of each month starting September 3, 2013. In addition, each individual grade conducts its own meetings to discuss issues specific to that grade. These meetings will follow the general PTO meeting on the same day. All meeting dates are posted on the PTO website

We hope that you will support us by coming to PTO meetings, volunteering and participating in PTO events.  It is a great way to be part of the KIS community, meet new parents, and enhance your child’s education. All parents pay the yearly membership fee of 20,000won per one HS student and this fee goes towards funding the various HS PTO activities. If you have any questions, please email us at

2013-2014 HS PTO Board Members are as follows;

 Executive Officers

  • President: Hyunjoo Lee (Grade 10 parent)
  • Vice President: Pam Freeman (Grade 12)
  • Secretary: Joo Hyun Kahng (Grade 10)
  • Treasurer: Kate Kang(Grade 9 )