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Peace Tree Ensemble Performance on May 17th

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On March 17th, the Peace Tree Ensemble Performed at Nadeam Senior Care Center.  The Ensemble hopes that the music was able to alleviate the physical burden and further worked as a healing power for the senior members of our society.

Peace Tree Concert at Seongnam Art Center on April 6th 2013


Red Cross Youth

The KIS Red Cross Youth (RCY) Club is a student organization dedicated to engaging in various community service activities in the local area.

Founded in 2007, the organization is sponsored and supported by the KIS secondary PTO.

Middle school and high school students are eligible to join the club;to do so,

they must sign up in the annual registration process in late August.

Students may apply for community service activities like tutoring children of low-income families in local welfare centers

and local libraries, campaigning for blood donations, performing music in the Samsung Medical Center,

visiting and sharing food with elderly people living alone, and cleaning up the Central Park area in Bundang.

The PTO also welcomes any other suggestions for potential opportunities to volunteer in the community

If you have any questions, feel free to contact


Peace Tree

Peace Tree is a community service orchestra organized by the students that take part in it and their parents.
We include middle schoolers and high schoolers–grades 8 to 12.
Peace Tree began in the year of 2008, with only twenty-five members.
Throughout the last five years, Peace Tree has grown tremendously–both in size and capability.
Peace Tree Ensemble now consists of about forty members.
Peace Tree Orchestra consists of most orchestral instruments: flute, clarinet, oboe, violin, viola, cello.
We practice for two hours every Monday after-school.
Auditions are held at the beginning of every semester.
After weeks of practice, we hold concerts for the needy at places such as retirement homes or hospitals for community service.
They are fun events to be a part of.
For more information, visit
Location: MB107
Time: Every Monday 3~5PM
We hope you decide to join Peace Tree soon!
samsung (21)


피스트리는 오케스트라 봉사 단체로 2008년에 구성되어 열심히 활동 하고 있습니다.
피스트리 활동은 장애인 복지관, 노인 복지관, 그리고 병원 등에서  봉사 하고 있습니다
구성원은 8학년 부터 12학년까지 학생 36명이 참여하고 있고, 매학기 초 오디션을 거쳐서 참여 가능합니다.
또 악기 구성은 바이올린, 비올라, 첼로, 클라리넷, 플룻, 오보이며,
연습은 매주 월요일 3시부터 5시까지 MB107에서 하고 있습니다.
피스트리의 더 많은 정보는 홈피 를 통해 만나실 수있습니다.
KIS학생들이 음악 봉사 활동 참여를 통해서 좋은 경험과 보람을 느끼시길 바랍니다.
연습장소: MB107
시간: 매주 월 3~5시