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ES Introduction

Welcome to ES PTO 2019-2020!

All KIS ES parents are automatically members of our KIS Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization.  We welcome all of you and invite you to join us anytime this year!


Our goal is to make a great school atmosphere and fun school-life for our children.  We also want to help parents get involved in their child’s school-life as well as connect with other KIS parents.  Since KIS is not a neighborhood school it is even more important to get involved, meet other KIS parents and exchange information.  Also, by volunteering and participating in PTO organized events, our kids will benefit greatly!

All about ES PTO

ES PTO organizes events such as Trunk-or-Treat, International Day, Family Movie Night, just to name a few.  Every year these are truly exciting events that are fun for everyone.  BUT these are not possible without your help.  We need parental involvement to make these events successful.  Whether you have one day per year or one hour per month available, we appreciate any time you have to contribute.

When we sell tickets to events or ask for donations, please be assured all proceeds go directly to our benefit students!  PTO funds are used to pay for author visits, books for classrooms, student scholarships and free events such as International Day.

Get Involved

PTO is here for you.  Please join us at our meetings to get updates about what is going on at KIS. If you are not able to make it to meetings or events that are during the school day, please email us any time for updates or questions and concerns.  We have English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese-speaking board members so whatever your native language feel free to contact us!

We Want to Meet You

No matter how much you want to participate, please come to any event and say hello.  We want to meet and welcome you to ES PTO.

Our first meeting will be Wednesday, August 28th in the Mini Auditorium.  Hope to see you there!


ES PTO Board Members 2019-2020:

  • President                                  Ms. Christie Montgomery
  • Vice President                         Ms. Sherry Lynn Zhang
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer                                  Ms. Juri Yamauchi
  • PTO Coordinator                    Ms. Kyoungsook Juile Kwon
  • IT & Website Manager


Upcoming events:

Date Event Grade Representation Location
Aug. 28th PTO Meeting-1 ES PTO Mini auditorium
Sept. 6th Songpyon Day ES PTO B1 Cafeteria
Sept. 16th-17th Picture Day ES PTO Mini auditorium
Oct. 2nd International Day ES PTO G- Conference Hall
TBA Halloween ES PTO B3 parking

If you have any questions, please contact


Contact Information:

  • President                                             
  • Vice President                                     
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer                                             
  • PTO Coordinator                               
  • IT & Website Manager

Welcome to the ES PTO 2018-2019

Dear Friends and KIS Family,

We are glad to welcome new and returning-parents to KIS Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (ES PTO), 2018-19. The ES PTO is an organization composed of parents, teachers, staff and intends to facilitate and encourage parental participation in school. We, as a team, have a strong partnership with the school to host events that extend education to children beyond classrooms. This is an organization to keep connected with the school, teachers, and certainly the children. Staying connected empowers all of us. Active participation with the ES PTO keeps us abreast with the school activities.


Active participation in this organization will have a positive impact on children as they look up to and emulate their parents. In the current fast paced lives, supportive parents take center stage of the family affairs. Hence children witnessing their parents contributing both in and out of the homes instill appreciation for proactive and multi-faceted development in them. Further, social relations and good-will of the KIS parents’ fraternity will always benefit beyond one’s imagination. More the participation and the number of volunteers greater will be the shared benefit.

All about Events and Meetings:

Many exciting events and activities like Halloween, Family movie night, Family dinner dance, Sports day, International Day etc., are planned for this school year. With your help and contributions; we wish to offer even more. The upcoming events for the months of September and October are listed below for your quick reference. Our 1st ES PTO Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 29th August 2018, light snack and coffee will be served. We have a question and answer session towards the end of the PTO meetings for the parents who wish to have more chance to get involved and feel free in the meeting.

Parents Involvement:

Please let us know what event may interest you, later in the year as we approach the event date, you will be contacted by someone from the PTO board members with further information about it. For your reference the events and dates for the school year will be posted soon. Please contact

We wish you all have a wonderful school year and are looking forward to working with you this year!


Warm Regards

ES PTO Board Members, 2018-2019


ES PTO Board Members, 2018-2019:

  • President                                                          Ms. Sherry Lynn Zhang
  • Vice President                                                 Ms. Christie Montgomery
  • Secretary                                                          Ms. Srivalli Kappaganthu
  • Treasurer                                                         Ms. Mina Song
  • PTO Coordinator                                           Ms. Pavithra R
  • PTO Coordinator                                           Ms. Prabhavathi H.S
  • IT & Website Manager                                 Ms. Srivalli Kappaganthu


Upcoming events:

Date Event Grade Representation Location
Aug. 29th PTO Meeting-1 PTO Mini auditorium
Sept. 17th-19th Picture Day PTO MPR
Sept. 19th Songpyon Day Grade-2 B1
Oct. 24th International Day Grade-4 G- Conference Hall
Oct. 27th Halloween PK & JK B3 parking

If you have any questions, please contact


Contact Information:

  • President                                               
  • Vice President                                      
  • Secretary                                               
  • Treasurer                                              
  • PTO Coordinator                                 
  • PTO Coordinator                                 
  • IT & Website Manager                       


Welcome to the ES PTO 2016-2017

Dear Friends and Families of Elementary KIS,

The KIS Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (KIS ES PTO) would like to welcome new and returning families to the 2016/2017 school year. As a ES PTO, we organize and facilitate programs and activities to enhance our children’s school experience, build a diverse community, and demonstrate school spirit! Go Phoenix!

This year our ES PTO board members are excited to bring new and exciting activities, as well as continue past traditions. We have programs such as Trunk or Treat, Dinner & Dance, and International Day. These are just to name a few –look at our calendar to see more

For all these great programs to happen, we ask for everyone to be an ES PTO member, by contributing their time and donation. All proceeds go toward future ES PTO events and, most of all, toward our children’s overall growth.

Being a member of the ES PTO is a great way to be involved in the life of the school and provides a good opportunity to get to know other parents and school staff better – and it’s very satisfying to see how the children benefit from the extra activities and programs. With your help and contribution, we can go the extra distance to fulfill our children’s school experience.

Once again, we are very excited for what this year will bring. We look forward to meeting and working with all of you to create a memorable year for our children!

About ES PTO

The ES PTO is a lot of fun and rewarding!

Who we are and what we do:

The KIS ES PTO consists of parent volunteers who develop and host events that extend the education of children beyond the classrooms. Through the development and hosting of such events, we help the KIS community gain broader perspective and unique insights, and build quality relationships. The ES PTO works closely with teachers and administrators.

Many studies show that children do better at school when parents model involvement and participation. Remember, every parent at KIS is a member of our school community; as such, parental engagement is always welcome! We strive to keep the ES PTO friendly and open, and both Korean and English are made available.


The ES PTO mission is to help the people within the KIS community to CONNECT with each other. We host events that enhance relationships and bridge the gap among various individuals and groups.


– Encourage people to connect

– Host and promote relationship-building events

– Share clear information in timely manner

– Help supplement school resources


– Students

– Teachers

– Administration

– Support staff

– Parents

– Families

ES PTO Contact Information

  • ES Associate Principal: Travis Peterson (
  • ES PTO President: Keunmi (Kay) Song (
  • ES PTO Co-VP: Tammie Choi (
  • ES PTO Co-VP: Moon Jung (
  • ES PTO Secretary: Haesum Kim (
  • ES PTO Co-Treasurer: Jihyun Kim (
  • ES PTO Co-Treaurer: Yunee Hwang (

Please contact us anytime!


Welcome to ES PTO 2014-2015

The KIS Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization would like to welcome new and returning families to the 2014/2015 school year. A PTO is a formal organization that consists of parents, teachers and school staff.  This organization offers families an opportunity to learn what is happening at school, share ideas, and make a difference in their child’s educational experiences. Many exciting activities and programs are planned for this school year, and with your help and contribution, we can offer even more.

Some of the activities planned for this year:

Orientation Day and Popsicle Social: Starting the year with popsicle on orientation day

Breakfast on the Run : The PTO provides a “Welcome Back” breakfast to all KIS staff and teachers.

Spirit Wear : Spirit Wear is for anyone interested in showing their school spirit by supporting KIS teams! The order forms will be sent out in the first quarter

Picture Day: Professional pictures taken at the beginning of the year that’s a keepsake for many years to come.

Staff Appreciation Luncheons: The PTO provides luncheons for the staff to show our appreciation for their great work.

Sports Day: It’s a fun day filled with activities. PTO helps organize with Sports teachers

Book Fair: Fall and Spring book fair is held to purchase books at a discount

Author Visit:  We invite a well known author/s to school to share their work with kids and have an interactive session with kids.

Phoenix Store: PTO store that sells all KIS merchandise and PE uniforms. Please check notice board for store hours.

International Day: An after school family event where all ES KIS families are welcome to come and share food, crafts and other aspects of their culture.

Parent involvement is critical to the success of our organization.  If you are interested in being involved in any PTO events or activities we would love to have your help!  Please let us know what activities may interest you.  Later in the year as these activities draw near, you will be contacted by someone from the PTO with further information about participating in that event.  If you have any talent you will like to share please reach out to one of the PTO members. We look forward to working with you this year!

Please join us for our first meeting of the school year on Tuesday, September 16th. Light lunch and coffee will be served. Typically, the meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month.

Make a financial contribution Each year we collect a membership fee from parents to help fund the various activities. We ask parents to contribute 25,000 won for each student. (If you have MS or HS children, please sign up with MS or HS PTO separately).

Thank you in advance for your participation!

We appreciate your help and look forward to working with each of you throughout the school year.




Priyam Girish (Grade 4 and 1 parent) 010 9857 0718

Paula Lim (Grade 4 and 3 parent) 010 7284 0216

Vice President:

Christina Ning( Grade 5 parent)


Young Joo Kim (Grade 1 & 7 parent)

Theresa Lovelin (Grade JK)


Yae-Lee Song (Grade 2 parent)

Event Coordinator:

Yoon Kim (Grade 2 parent)

Phoenix Store Representative:

Carol Yue (Grade 4 parent) 


Why you should support ESPTO

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