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ES PTO Meeting Minutes – May 24

PTO Meeting Minutes

Opening- By Jessica

  • Financial Report By Ellen (PTO Treasurer)
  • Summer Program By Mr. Majors:
  • Special thanks to all the parents and PTO board for the teachers appreciation
    luncheon. All the teachers were thrilled with it.
  • The desire this summer is to make summer projects more academically in
    depth by having fewer projects with more technology. Examples this year willinclude, game coding and app creations. For more info on what the summer
    projects will be offered, you can contact Mr. Majors directly via email.
  • MIT graduate will work with all students on all levels of the summer program
    this year.
  • Technology will be balanced by physical activities offsite outdoors as well asutilizing the KIS pool indoors. Adjustments will be made depending on the
    weather and air quality, but we have access to the lower gym in the event going
    outdoors is not possible.
  • Session 1 currently has 90 students and Session 2 has 80.
  • Please email Eric Majors at KIS if you would like to enroll or have any questionsregarding summer programs.

Summer Reading Program By Mrs. Mallon

  • K-2 and 3-5 print out can be found on the libraries website for recommended
    summer reads.
  • Mrs. Mallon’s full presentation can be found on lib guide on the library’s site as
    well as full databases for kid appropriate sites. Mrs. Kay or Mrs. Mallon can set
    you up with a username and password if your child doesn’t already have one.
  • Second grade and above already has one and it is 1st initial, last name, plus
    last 2 digits of the year they will graduate. Example: lkim24
  • Next Year Authors Yang Suk Cho ad Margaret Reed McDonald will visit our
    school in November and March. The reading lists for summer include several of
    their books.

School Report By Mr. Peterson:

  • Thank you to all the teachers and kids for such well behaved students this
    sports day. Despite all the very hot weather, sports day went off without
  • Stop by and take a look at some of the amazing art our students have created.
    Mrs. Bycraft has brought great creativity to our art program this year.
  • After school clubs went very well this year.
  • Thanks you to all the event coordinators and chairs for all your hard work.
  • Time to elect the board for next year. If you are interested in filling in any of the
    board positions or volunteering to chair an event or be a grade rep please let
    Mr. Peterson or one of the PTO board know!

Download (PDF, 34KB)

ES PTO Meeting Minutes – Dec 8

PTO Meeting Minutes

Principals Report by: Mr. Peterson

  • Mrs. Rich has been away on personal business as well as attending a job fair in Seattle and will return the end of this week.
  • Talent show was amazing and the kids worked really hard preparing for it.
  • Thank you to PTO for providing pumpkin pie in such a festive way. Mom’s were in Indian head pieces and pilgrims hats serving pumpkin pie to children and staff.
  • Please continue to check schoology for updates on school closures and early release during inclement weather.
  • There are two opportunities for students to aide others in having a merrier Christmas this year. One is the can food drive which also excepts non perishable items as well.
    Our goal is to get 1500 cans of food and so far there is less then 100. Please help us contribute to a worthy cause. All the food collected will be donated to a food bank
    located next to our Seoul Campus. The bins are located in the main lobby of the ES and will be picked up by December 17. The second opportunity to give to an
    Orphanage in Suwon by donating money for ornaments to place on the KIS Giving tree. Each ornament is 20,000KRW and 100% of proceeds will go to the Orphanage
    in Suwon. They also are in need of diapers medium sized to large.

Financial Report by: Ellen PTO Treasurer

Student council presentation by: Elizabeth Direnzo and Megan Godek

  • Student council is divided into two categories: Mrs. Direnzo handles the Spirit Committee which helps to foster school wide spirit through Phoenix Friday’s, pajama
    day, door decorating, and once a month spirit days.
  • Megan Godek handles the other category which is the Service Committee. This committee is responsible for driving the food can collection and candy grams for
  • The candy grams can be purchased individually for 500 KRW or in bulk, 8,000 KRW for 20 grams. They will be available starting wednesday in Mrs. Godek’s classroom
    ES107, before school each morning until the following Thursday before break. Students can fill out the grams and drop them in the dropbox next to Mrs. Godeks
    classroom. All grams will be delivered on Friday.

Common Core Math Curriculum by: Mr. Hassler and Mrs. Osterhagen

  • Common Core is our standard, not the curriculum
  • KIS adopted resource is envision, we then pull in other resources that staff write their units around and that is our curriculum
  • Slides on percentage of KIS students who scored in the 90th percentile or higher for MAPS. (Please see uploaded presentation)
  • Common core pushes students to conceptual understanding of mathematics at early stages teaching them to think mathematically. The focus then becomes more about
    understanding and not just rogue memorization.
  • What we learned in school were “procedures” but common core actually teaches the “why to those procedures so that students began to understand the reasons behind
    the math problems. This won’t necessarily be apparent until students start getting into algebra and other higher math problems in middle school.
  • some questions to use with students at home when they are struggling with math are: What method would you use to solve this problem? What is the problem asking you?
    Can you read it out loud to me? What information do you have?
  • Please refer to the presentation by Mr. Hassler posted online

Summer Programs 2016 by: Mr. Majors

  • Enrollments are set to began in January an more information will be emailed out closer to that date to let parents now when to register
  • prices are to remain the same as last year
  • The structure and focus will be similar to last year but there will be changes to keep it interesting for the kids
  • When the website is updated you will be able to go on and get a general idea of what each session will have.
  • Student to teacher ratios is as follows: In K2, it is 1 teacher per 7 students and in grades 3 and up itis 1 to 10
  • Please be advised that all summer programs are open to KIS students only
  • Please email Mr. Majors if you have further questions


  • please purchase gingerbread houses for sale through PTO for only 15,000 KRW
  • Forms were sent home with your students and need to be returned with appropriate monies by December 10th.

Download (PDF, 471KB)

Download (PDF, 41KB)

Welcome to ES PTO!

The KIS Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization would like to welcome new and returning families to the 2014/2015 school year. A PTO is a formal organization that consists of parents, teachers and school staff.  This organization offers families an opportunity to learn what is happening at school, share ideas, and make a difference in their child’s educational experiences. Many exciting activities and programs are planned for this school year, and with your help and contribution, we can offer even more.

Some of the activities planned for this year:

Orientation Day and Popsicle Social: Starting the year with popsicle on orientation day

Breakfast on the Run : The PTO provides a “Welcome Back” breakfast to all KIS staff and teachers.

Spirit Wear : Spirit Wear is for anyone interested in showing their school spirit by supporting KIS teams! The order forms will be sent out in the first quarter

Picture Day: Professional pictures taken at the beginning of the year that’s a keepsake for many years to come.

Staff Appreciation Luncheons: The PTO provides luncheons for the staff to show our appreciation for their great work.

Sports Day: It’s a fun day filled with activities. PTO helps organize with Sports teachers

Book Fair: Fall and Spring book fair is held to purchase books at a discount

Author Visit:  We invite a well known author/s to school to share their work with kids and have an interactive session with kids.

Phoenix Store: PTO store that sells all KIS merchandise and PE uniforms. Please check notice board for store hours.

International Day: An after school family event where all ES KIS families are welcome to come and share food, crafts and other aspects of their culture.

Parent involvement is critical to the success of our organization.  If you are interested in being involved in any PTO events or activities we would love to have your help!  Please let us know what activities may interest you.  Later in the year as these activities draw near, you will be contacted by someone from the PTO with further information about participating in that event.  If you have any talent you will like to share please reach out to one of the PTO members. We look forward to working with you this year!

Please join us for our first meeting of the school year on Tuesday, September 16th. Light lunch and coffee will be served. Typically, the meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month.

Make a financial contribution Each year we collect a membership fee from parents to help fund the various activities. We ask parents to contribute 25,000 won for each student. (If you have MS or HS children, please sign up with MS or HS PTO separately).

Thank you in advance for your participation!

We appreciate your help and look forward to working with each of you throughout the school year.




Priyam Girish (Grade 4 and 1 parent) 010 9857 0718

Paula Lim (Grade 4 and 3 parent) 010 7284 0216

Vice President:

Christina Ning( Grade 5 parent)


Young Joo Kim (Grade 1 & 7 parent)

Theresa Lovelin (Grade JK)


Yae-Lee Song (Grade 2 parent)

Event Coordinator:

Yoon Kim (Grade 2 parent)

Phoenix Store Representative:

Carol Yue (Grade 4 parent)



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