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Welcome to KIS MS PTO 2019-2020

August 2019Dear KIS Middle School families,
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!
As comes with every year, KIS MS PTO’s purpose is  to provide support for our KIS MS community.Every year we are lucky enough to have more than 16 parents volunteering as PTO board  members, helping to organize, lead, and improve MS PTO and volunteer events. Throughout  the school year, MS PTO meets regularly to keep parents updated on school events and  activities that we have in store. Through these events, we hope to strengthen and better our  parent-school relationship each year.We would love to have you join us and help us make this happen! All parents are invited and  encouraged to be an active participant in MS PTO, as we have a variety of roles available and  always welcome new and innovative ideas.
For more information, please don’t hesitate to visit  the PTO website at ​​ and contact the grade  representatives or ​​ to learn how you can be more involved.
We hope you  consider being a part of our cause and help us make this year even better than the last.We look forward to meeting you at the 1st General meeting in September and wish you all a  wonderful 2019-20120 school year.
Best regards,
Min Jung Kim
MS PTO President, 2019-20
2019-2020 MS PTO Board Members:

  • President                                          Min Jung Kim (Grade 8)
  • Vice President                                 Kate Kim (Grade 8)
  • Secretary                                          Jean Choi (Grade 8)
  • Treasurer                                         Myounghee Kim (Grade 8/6)
  • IT & Website PR                             Jungmi Kim (Grade 7)
  • Public Relations                             Heysun Kim (Grade 7)
  • Event Coordinators                       Hyungjin Bae (Grade 8), Jayoung Jung (Grade 8)
  • Jamboree Coordinators                Yunjung An (Grade 8), Kyunglim Seo (Grade 8)
  • Library Committee                        Wookyung Bae (Grade 8)
  • Lunch Committee                          Seunghyun Ko (Grade 7)
  • Phoenix Store                                 In Soon Kwon (Grade 7)
  • 8th Grade Representative            Megan Kim (Grade 8)
  • 7th Grade Representative            Anna Shim (Grade 7)
  • 6th Grade Representative           Yvonne Yim (Grade 6)

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