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[Photos] ES PTO 1st General Meeting 2018

The Elementary School PTO 1st general meeting was held on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 in Mini Auditorium.  The Principal Mr. Travis Peterson and the Associate Principal Ms. Ana Allen has started the meeting with welcome and introduction speech followed by School’s vision for the year, subtle changes and big impact, the EE trips, Map tests, and about the Afterschool Activities (ASA). Later, the ASA coordinator Mr. Hill has briefed about the new ASA website and Jamborees and the sign up Forms. Soon after, the PTO board members introduced themselves to the parents. The Questions & Answers session was a success followed by grade wise grouping and discussions. Lastly and most importantly, we take the opportunity to thank you all who could make it to the meeting and hope to see many more parents participating in our next meeting. Regards ES PTO.

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