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Welcome to the ES PTO 2018-2019

Dear Friends and KIS Family,

We are glad to welcome new and returning-parents to KIS Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (ES PTO), 2018-19. The ES PTO is an organization composed of parents, teachers, staff and intends to facilitate and encourage parental participation in school. We, as a team, have a strong partnership with the school to host events that extend education to children beyond classrooms. This is an organization to keep connected with the school, teachers, and certainly the children. Staying connected empowers all of us. Active participation with the ES PTO keeps us abreast with the school activities.


Active participation in this organization will have a positive impact on children as they look up to and emulate their parents. In the current fast paced lives, supportive parents take center stage of the family affairs. Hence children witnessing their parents contributing both in and out of the homes instill appreciation for proactive and multi-faceted development in them. Further, social relations and good-will of the KIS parents’ fraternity will always benefit beyond one’s imagination. More the participation and the number of volunteers greater will be the shared benefit.

All about Events and Meetings:

Many exciting events and activities like Halloween, Family movie night, Family dinner dance, Sports day, International Day etc., are planned for this school year. With your help and contributions; we wish to offer even more. The upcoming events for the months of September and October are listed below for your quick reference. Our 1st ES PTO Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 29th August 2018, light snack and coffee will be served. We have a question and answer session towards the end of the PTO meetings for the parents who wish to have more chance to get involved and feel free in the meeting.

Parents Involvement:

Please let us know what event may interest you, later in the year as we approach the event date, you will be contacted by someone from the PTO board members with further information about it. For your reference the events and dates for the school year will be posted soon. Please contact

We wish you all have a wonderful school year and are looking forward to working with you this year!


Warm Regards

ES PTO Board Members, 2018-2019


ES PTO Board Members, 2018-2019:

  • President                                                          Ms. Sherry Lynn Zhang
  • Vice President                                                 Ms. Christie Montgomery
  • Secretary                                                          Ms. Srivalli Kappaganthu
  • Treasurer                                                         Ms. Mina Song
  • PTO Coordinator                                           Ms. Pavithra R
  • PTO Coordinator                                           Ms. Prabhavathi H.S
  • IT & Website Manager                                 Ms. Srivalli Kappaganthu


Upcoming events:

Date Event Grade Representation Location
Aug. 29th PTO Meeting-1 PTO Mini auditorium
Sept. 17th-19th Picture Day PTO MPR
Sept. 19th Songpyon Day Grade-2 B1
Oct. 24th International Day Grade-4 G- Conference Hall
Oct. 27th Halloween PK & JK B3 parking

If you have any questions, please contact


Contact Information:

  • President                                               
  • Vice President                                      
  • Secretary                                               
  • Treasurer                                              
  • PTO Coordinator                                 
  • PTO Coordinator                                 
  • IT & Website Manager                       


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