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[Photos] KIS Musical: Beauty and the Beast

KIS HS/MS Theatre had proudly presented the Musical, “Beauty and the Beast”on April 19-20th at 6:00pm and on April 21st at 1:00 & 7:00 pm at the KIS Performing Art Center. About 80 students from 6th to 12th grade passed audition and participated in this musical, and had rehearsed for past four months. The seats were filled with friends, teachers and family guests waiting for performance every day, and all tickets for Friday’s performance were sold-out. Congratulate warmly all cast, crew, and the pit members on their efforts and amzing performance, and Ms. Cuellar, the director of the Musical. Also many thanks to the all parents who supported for the musical.

KIS HS/MS Theatre 주관으로 “Beauty and the Beast” 뮤지컬 공연이 지난 4월 19-20일 오후 6시에, 그리고  21일 오후 1시와 7시에 KIS PAC에서 있었습니다. 6-12학년에서 오디션을 통해 총 80여명의 캐스트와 크루, 오케스트라 멤버가 참여하여 지난 4개월 동안 준비해왔고, 성공적으로 공연을 마쳤습니다.  매일 공연에서  좌석은 친구, 선생님, 가족 관객으로 가득찼고, 금요일 공연은 표가 완전히 매진되었습니다.  참여한 모든 학생들과 수고하신 Ms. Cuellar 선생님께 축하의 박수를 보내드립니다. 또한 뮤지컬을 후원해주신 모든 학부모님들께도 감사드립니다.

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