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Greetings from 2017-18 HS PTO!

Dear parents,

I’d like to welcome you to the KIS PTO of 2017-2018. This organization has been thriving well each year thanks to our parents’ active participation and dedication inside the school and beyond. This year again, all board members will serve to support in various areas such as sports, drama, music, art show and so on. At the same time, HS PTO will continue to work with school staff to make a better academic environment for all of our students. All this work could not be complete without your full support so I’d kindly encourage you to get involved as either PTO board or volunteers and help the school move forward successfully.

I am looking forward to another fabulous year with all of you.

Best regards,

Grace Lim

HS PTO representative

2017-2018 HS PTO Board Members are as follows;

  • President: Grace Lim (9&11)
  • Vice President: Hyeyoung Choi (11)
  • Secretary /Treasurer: Yeongmi Kim (11)
  • Academic Coordinator: Mi Young Hwang Cho (11)
  • IT: Tammie Ahn (12)
  • Grade Representatives: Miyun Jung (9)
  • Sports Coordinator: Jieun Lee (10), Jihye Kim (11), Jeoung eun Choi (10)
  • Lunch Committee : Sung Youn Cho (9)

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