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Welcome to KIS MS PTO 2017-2018

August 2017

Dear KIS Middle School families,

Greetings to all parents and students! We welcome you to the new school year of 2017-18.  To newcomers and returners alike: welcome to Korea International School!

The Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (MS PTO) serves the school community by hosting and supporting various programs and activities as a way of creating meaningful connections. Thanks to the dedication of hardworking teachers and parents, the PTO is able to provide continued support for the school and strives to be increasingly successful in its goals with each consecutive year. We would like to extend an invitation for all families to join this rapport-based organization. All contributions, from the mere act of joining to volunteering time and effort, help better KIS and its ideals one small step at a time. Many opportunities are present throughout the school year for your consideration; please do not hesitate to ask questions or give comments. Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated!

For further inquiry and suggestions, please contact your grade representatives or

Best wishes,

Claire Hyunkyung Chin
MS PTO President, 2017-18


  • 2017-2018 MS PTO Board Members;
  • President                                              Claire Chin (Grade 8)
  • Vice President                                     Jieun Choi (Grade 8/7)
  • Secretary                                              Yun Jin Lee (Grade 7)
  • Treasurer                                             Do Kyung Yo (Grade 8)
  • IT & Website PR                                 Heesook Yoo (Grade 8)
  • Event Coordinators                            Yoon Hee Oh (Grade 8), Young Ae Baek ( 8)
  • Jamboree Coordinators                    Jessica (Grade 8)
  • Library Committee                             Heesook Yoo (Grade 8)
  • Lunch Committee                               Sooin Shim (Grade 8)
  • Phoenix Store                                      Elena Korobeynikova (Grade 7)
  • 8th Grade Representative                 Julia Okseon Joo (Grade 8)
  • 7th Grade Representative                 Sung Kong (Grade 7)
  • 6th Grade Representative                 Jayiung Jung (Grade 8/6)

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