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[Photos] MS Meeting – Coffee with the Principal

The MS Parent Meeting, ‘Coffee with the Principal’ was held on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 in the PAC while about 60 parents and teachers attended. Dr. Bowie, the MS Associate Principal, opened the meeting and Mr. Cory and the MS StuCo (Middle School Student Council) made a presentation about recent student activities and events. Mr. Cathers, the school director, introduced the new MS principal, James Saldes, who will join us from next academic year. Also, Dr. Rhoden, MS counselor explained about the course registration for next year. After the meeting, each parent grade representative welcomed the new parents this year.

MS parent ‘Coffee with the Principal’ 미팅이 2017년 1월 17일에 60여명의 학부모님들과 선생님들이참석한 가운데 컨퍼런스홀에서 있었습니다. Dr. Bowie 부교장 선생님의 진행으로, 먼저 Mr. Cory 선생님과  MS StuCo (Student Council) 에서 최근의 활동과 이벤트에 관해 프리젠테이션 있었고, 이어서 학교장이신Mr. Cathers께서 내년에 새로 중학교 교장으로 부임하실 Mr. James Slaid 선생님을 소개해주셨습니다. 또한Ms. Rhoden,  카운셀러 선생님께서  내년 학과목 등록에 관하여 설명을 해주셨습니다. 미팅후 각학년 대표 학부모님과 새로 오신 학부모님들이 만나는 시간이 있었습니다.

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