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[Photos] MS EE Trip Informational Meeting

The MS Parents Experiential Education Trip Informational Meeting was held on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 10:30 a.m., where about 70 middle school parents and teaches were in attendance. Dr. Bill Bowie, our MS associate principal, opened up the meeting and introduced the new MS PTO board members for this year. Followed by a warm greeting from the MS PTO president, Ms. Yoon Jung Lee, a brief presentation was made by the new school psychologist, Mr. Scott Trinh. The agenda covered the Fall EE trip in September, the Spring EE trip in May, and the International EE Rustic Pathways Trips during spring break directed by Mr. Nick Ball and Ms. Lisa Featherstone. The MS PTO Membership Drive was held before the meeting in front of the PAC. Please click here to view more information.

중학교 학부모님들을 위한 MS EE Trip Informational Meeting이 지난 2016년 8월 28일 10시30분에 PAC에서 있었습니다. Dr. Billy Bowie 부교장 선생님께서 개회를 하시고 2016-2017년도 MS PTO 보드멤버를 소개해주셨습니다. 이번 MS PTO 회장님의 인사 말씀에 이어서 올해부터 학생들의 심리를 담당해주실 Scott Trinh 선생님의 간단한 소개가 있었습니다. 이날의 안건은 각 학년별 9월 가을 EE Trip과 5월 봄 EE Trip 여행계획과 함께, 봄방학동안 진행될 해외 EE Rustic Pathways Trips 대한 Mr. Nick Ball과 Ms. Lisa Featherstone 선생님의 설명이 있었습니다. 이날 미팅전 PAC 앞에서는 MS PTO 멤버쉽 등록이 함께 진행되었습니다. Please click here to view more information.


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