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 2015-2016 KIS MS PTO Mini Grant Program 

MSPTO Mini-Grants up to 100,000 KRW are awarded to any individual student, a group of students or students/teachers of the middle school clubs, which financially support special activities/events or projects of individuals or the clubs. The topics of proposals would include followings: any individual recital or competition (any field e.g. instrument, sports etc.), group projects (any field), club projects (any field), volunteer events and research projects.

Application Procedures 

Step 1. Fill out a MSPTO Mini-Grant Application form in details and submit to the MS office: due on Friday, March 4th 2016.Please note that grant proposals written by student(s) will need a teacher’s signature on the grant application as a proof of the support.

Step 2. Selected applicants should give a 10 minute presentation of the proposal at the MS office. (Date and time will be announced by MS Principal)



  • The proposals will be reviewed and awarded based on the most need, creativity, number of students involved and commitment to their stated goal.
  • MSPTO mini-grant award will be made as soon as possible in order to enable the project to start, usually within one week.
  • All grant-awarded students or clubs are required to submit a written report progress or achievement of the projects before the semester ends (A report form will be provided).
  • As the budget of the grant is limited to 600,000 KRW, it is not guaranteed that all applicants will be awarded.

☞ Mini-grant program for the next school year will depend on the fund raised by membership recruitment and the decision of 2016-2017 MS PTO.

☞ Kindly direct any questions to the MS PTO at

Please click below to download the MS PTO Special Grant Application form. 

Download (PDF, 342KB)

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