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MS Battle of the Books Dates

Battle of the Books Dates

Round 1, Monday, January 25
Each team will be randomly assigned to a classroom for the competition on day 1. There will be four teams per room.The winning team from each room (the team with the highest number of points) from Round 1 will compete on Wednesday.

Round 2, Tuesday, January 26
There will be three rooms with three teams in each. The competition will be the same as Round 1. The winning team from each room in Round 2 moves on to the final round on Thursday, January 28, which is held in the Conference Hall.

In Rounds 1 and 2, the teacher in the room will ask a question, and then each team will have a moment to write their answer on a small white board. If a team gets the answer correct, they earn points. If they are incorrect, they earn no points. The team with the highest number of points from each room moves on to the next round. During rounds 1 and 2, you are only in competition with the teams in your assigned classroom.

Round 3, Thursday, January 28
Is held in the PAC. Teams are on stage and have buzzers. Mrs. Green will ask questions. After each question, the first team to “buzz in” gets to answer. If they are correct, they earn their points. If they are wrong, they get no points. Then the other teams get a chance to respond. The entire middle school will attend the final round, cheering the three remaining teams.

To see more about the Book Battle, Please visit KIS Middle School Library Website!


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