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[Photos] MS Songpyeon Day 2014

To celebrate “Chuseok”, Korean holiday of Thanksgiving, PTO served “Songpyun”, Korean traditional steamed rice cakes, to our students and teachers during their lunches on Thursday, September 4th.  Thank to our MS PTO volunteer moms for helping the preparation and serving “Songpyun” during the Middle School lunchtime.  Happy Chuseok!

한국의 큰 명절인 추석을 맞이하여 PTO에서는 9월 4일 목요일에 선생님과 학생들을 위해 송편을 준비하였습니다. 미들 스쿨 점심시간에 오셔서 송편을 나눠 담고 서빙을 도와주신 모든 MS PTO 발룬티어맘들께 감사드립니다.

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