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HS Bridge to Careers: Speaker Ms. Mimi Han

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21 Students attended this presentation by Mimi Han.  She spoke about the need to create a higher vision in order to have a successful career.  According to Ms. Han, students often ask the wrong questions when entering into university and developing a path towards a career.  One should look at a much bigger picture if one wishes to have a successful and meaningful career.  In her case, the vision that sustained her was a desire to open Korean culture in order that Koreans could join the world stage. With this vision in mind, the movie and entertainment industry became a tool to facilitate her goals. With hard work and effort as the foundation, a talent for business, and the passion to succeed, Ms. Han is helping Korean culture, which is her sustaining vision.

Her unique perspective was very inspirational and should be carefully thought over–she provides much for students to think about, which is the vision of the PTO in creating this Speaker Series to begin with.


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