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The KIMEA MS Honor Band Festival 2014

Dear KIS MS Parents,

On February 6, KIS will be hosting the Korea International Music Educators’ Association Middle School Honor Band Festival 2014.  260 students and teachers from 12 schools will be on campus the whole day, preparing a concert which will take place in our PAC from 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm.  You are welcome to attend with your families!

The festival itself is a prestigious event with only the top students from each school participating.  Hosting this festival is truly an honor for KIS and helps place our school as the premier environment to study both the foundational academics as well as the higher arts.

KIS students who attended the festival last year had these things to say:

“One of the best school days I’ve ever had”
“It helped me to become confident”
“Helped me make more friends from different international schools”
“If someone asked me to do it again… I would ask to join immediately”
“Always going to be memorable in my life”
“Thank you for nominating me for such a great day”
“The pieces sound like it was played by professionals (But we aren’t…. :D)!”
“I got to see the level of the other school students’ playing”

Kevin Jaramillo
Middle School Principal
Korea International School


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