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KIS HS Provisional PTO Meeting

Dear KIS HS Parents 

HS PTO will hold the provisional PTO meeting on June 3rd, 2013,from 11:00 AM at H103  in High school building. At this meeting, we will elect a new PTO president for 2013-2014. As we mentioned at the previous meeting held in March, we announced the election process for PTO officers. We could not elect the officers on the last PTO Meeting since no one had been nominated. Please come to participate on the election process and step forward if you have any one to nominate or to volunteer the service for the next school year.


KIS 학부모 여러분

6월 3일 11시부터 PTO 임시 총회를 고등학교 건물 내 H 103에서 개최합니다. 이번 회의에서는 지난 번에 선출하지 못했던 차기 PTO 회장단을 선출할 예정입니다. 지난 3월 정기 총회에서 공고했듯이, 차기 PTO 회장단에 대한 추천을 받고 선출을 하고자 하였으나, 지원자가 없어서부득이하게 지난 5월 정기 총회에서 선출을 하지 못했습니다. 이번에 마지막으로 추천을 받아서 선출을 하고자 하오니 많은 참석 바랍니다.


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