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Welcome to the High School PTO 2012-2013

Welcome to the KIS High School PTO. We, the HS PTO would like to play the vital role in fostering communication among KIS parents, school authority, and teachers. KIS parents are automatically members of the PTO and are welcome to participate in diverse activities and committees to support our children.

 Our mission is to have both parents and teachers at KIS work together to hold school activities and special events.  We hope that you could support us by coming to our meetings, volunteering and participating in PTO events.  It is a great way to be part of the KIS community and meet new parents. Our yearly membership fee is 20,000won per HS student and this fee goes towards funding the various HS PTO activities.

Here are our 2012-13 HS PTO Board Members :

  • President: Eun Sook Lee (Grade 11 parent)
  • Vice President: Sally Ryu (Grade 12)
  • Secretary: Jae Rim Lee (Grade 7/10)/ Juyoung Lee (Grade 10)
  • Treasurer: Eun Ju Park (Grade 10)
  • IT   (Homepage/Newsletter Committee): Ji Hyun Yoo (Grade 10)
  • Sport Coordinator: Hyo Jung Choi (Grade 10) / Myung Hee Lim (Grade 10)
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Young Min Lee (Grade 10/11)
  • Phoenix Store: Kyung Mi Kim (Grade 9)/Eunok Yi (Grade 11)
  • Community Service-RCY: Kyungrim Jung(Grade 12/10)/ Sanghi Chin (Grade 11)
  • Community Service-Peace Tree: Eun Ju Park(Grade 10)/ Moon Hee Kim (Grade 10)


 HS PTO meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday. The time and place for the meeting is subject to change. We will notice you in advance.   If you want to volunteer at the PTO, please send us the volunteer sigh-up sheet through email (  or click the volunteer sigh up button on this website.

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