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2012-2013 KIS HS PTO Membership Drive

The mission cheap nfl jerseys of the HS PTO is to enhance the KIS community and to support the student, faculty and parents. wholesale mlb jerseys The PTO achieves this a goal cheap jerseys through annually-selected activities chosen by the Organization and support By parents volunteers.

The PTO actively raises funds to assist student in different projects such as
Athletic Tournaments, school socials and other events cheap jerseys too.

The Annual Membership fee (₩20,000) is the largest sources of fund for the Organization.

The PTO would like to invite all parents to join us and help us undertake a wide variety of programs to host Infinite every year.

Thank you.
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Fee: ₩20,000 per child
PTO Bank Account: Korea Exchange Bank (외환은행)
Account No: 620-205651-806
Account Of Name: EunJu cheap jerseys China Park (박은주)

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